If This Future Doesn’t Scare the Hell Out of You, Nothing Will!

In 2020, the Third World War began. No one knows who started it, but North Korea or Iranian sponsored terrorists were the most likely suspects. Whoever caused it, it was the end of the Modern Era. The world returned to a more primitive society, one in which the middle class no longer exists and only the poor and the rich were left to inhabit the Earth. The state suppressed religion by destroying all churches and though still practiced in private, most churches disappeared by 2025.

For years after the Third World War, the Government became more and more ineffective, so that it gradually turned over all functions to a huge corrupt private Corporation. Then there was the constant bombardment of propaganda by the Corporation seeking to remain in power.

Still rumors persisted about the Code, starvation, a new highly addictive and dangerous drug, Rage, most people believe the Corporation introduced in order to enslave the poor.  Then there are the Disappeared, the use of mind reading, and fear.  Few common folk understood how the Corporation worked, what the Code really was and fewer still knew what to do to stop them.  Citizens must wear only their Fear color and must report once a day in their assigned numbered squares.  Then they must witness minor offenders spin a huge wheel to determine how many whip strokes the offender must endure in the Public Punishment Hour.

by Mike Lee

(A Dark Novel about a Dystopian Society)


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