The Death Clock – Squeaky

From Chapter 8 of The Death Clock – Squeaky

Near the front entrance was a small defective older Model Aerodyne I 110 robot. He stood 4 feet 5 inches tall at most, and was in sad shape.  It appeared as if street vandals had stripped him.  His out metal skin had been removed and only his frame and motor servos and control panel remanded.   Immediately, all the children fell in love with the little fellow and started calling him Squeaky and wanted to be close to him.   Surprisingly, his battery was still attached and working and strangest of all there was an apron around the little robot’s waist, with a sign draped over its front which said “Down with robots. Robots are junk.” Andre and his family thought at first the robot battery was dead, out of power, or vandals or the person that left the robot there simply turned him off.  Possibly the person who left the robot intended the sign as a joke. Then as the family started to walk by the little robot, thinking maybe, Squeaky was a piece of discarded junk, suddenly the robot activated and said,

“You’re passing up a real bargain. They threw me out, like the trash.   I hate them. Robots are not supposed to hate, but nonetheless, I do. ”

They all stopped immediately, looked at one another and smiled.

Them Adam and Andre’s young brothers and sisters gathered around the little robot.

“I beg your pardon,” said Andre looking at the robot.

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