Mike Lee, Mike Lee, Mike Lee

A rose by any other name would smell like me….

Senator Mike Lee of UT 2007-Current

Boxer Mike Lee (1987 born in Wheaton, IL) is an American professional boxer in the light heavyweight class. He turned pro in February 2010.

Mike Lee Basketball player specializes in developing student-athletes through meticulous basketball training.

Professional Bull Rider Mike Lee gets stepped on by Hou’s Back 0:50 View WRECK: … Nasty Mike: 44.5: 0: 4.10: 2008: 4/11/2008: Omaha, NE: 2/LG: 0: Chain Reaction: 42.5: 86: 0  Sometimes when I am deep into the internet, I can relate a lot to this Mike Lee

Michael Lee, Musician (19 November 1969 – 24 November 2008 was a British drummer who toured and record with Robert Plant and  Jimmy Page. (Led Zepplin).  Lucky guy.

Then, of course, there is yours truly, Husband, Five Children, (one mine), fourteen Grandchildren,  Father, Poet, Author, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Former English Major, Avid Reader, music lover, computer nerd, and traveler of the world.


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