Snow Angels by Mike Lee, Part I of the Frank Shore Mystery Series

Snow Angels- Chapter One – The Lake House

Monday, November 12, 2001 ( Getsuyōbi.)
In the bathroom just off the guest bedroom of his parent’s vacation house, Frances Daniel Farwrothy or Danny,  as his friends called him was wiping the blood off his white shirt.
“You rotten little slut!” Danny screamed so loud that his parents upstairs could hear him.
“You hypocrite! You’ve cheated on me at least three times. You have no room to talk!” She answered back, slapping him hard on his left check, leaving a large bruise.
“Look what you’ve done to me, you dumb slut!”He said, “I think you’ve broken my nose.”
“It your own fault, you slapped me first. Besides, I never promised you I’d be faithful. Your the one who cheated first. Your the one who kept putting off our wedding day and then you cheated on me with that little whore, you know. What did you expect?” She said.
He said calmly as possible, “I expected you to wait. That is all, but apparently, you can’t. I’ll take that ring back and you can get out. I mean RIGHT NOW!”
“Here, “she said, “throwing the ring at his face.
He ducked and it rolled under the bed. He didn’t even bend down to locate it, he just nudged her out the back door of his parent’s house, blocking her from returning and pushing her gently onto the small wooden platform with the five wooden steps leading down towards the woods.
“Baby, could I at least have my coat?” she begged.
He threw the coat out on the steps. She bent down and retrieved it, wrapping it around her, shivering in the wind, as she paused, sobbing, then she turned, and down the steps she went,  a soft cloud of perfume, her beautiful face tear stained. Her clothing nearly falling off around her.    Then, as she rounded one corner of the lake house, her left heel sank in the soft soil, sticking her to that soft spot,  just as she started to walk around his parent’s bedroom, breaking the point off that heel.  She stopped, frozen like a statue.  She said, “Dammit!”  Tears flowed down her face.  She made so much noise, both Danny’s parents saw her walking by herself, and pausing in front of the bathroom mirror, a slight smile broke over his mother’s face, knowingly.   Meanwhile, the young man’s father got up from in front of the small television, where a golf tournament had been on,  and forgetting what he had just heard, Danny’s father started to wave to her through the sliding glass doors, then catching himself, thought better of it, and jerked his hand down, turned to his wife of thirty-eight years and said, ”It sounds like they are having another augment. This one sounds worse than the last one, I am afraid.  Still, I sure  am sure am glad you didn’t order that wedding cake.”  Dan’s father, ever the optimist, said,    “You sure they won’t get back together?”
His wife just shook her head.
“It’s a shame. I tried to tell him in the kindest way, he is way too young to get married and she’s not the right one for him. She is way below his station.” ”Danny’s mother Irene said.
Danny continued to wipe most of the blood off his white shirt, as his hands began to shake. He stood there trembling. A tear rolled down his face, as he stood in silence, contemplating his next move. Then, Don, embarrassed with the knowledge his parents had witness the end of yet another relationship, sighed, opened the back door and went out in the cold, the wind chafing against his bald bare head, as he tried to catch up to her, hoping to offer her a ride home. He limped onward towards the boat launch, on one bad leg, then started down the five wooden steps, stubbing and nearly falling he crossed the front yard and headed down toward the boat launch where he expected to find her, but she was nowhere to be seen.
Danny’s parents, who owned the local factory that employed most of the local men and women of working age, were extremely upset with Alice, young Danny’s future fiancee.  At least, Danny’s father had been routing for the young couple. He had hoped that Alice Bernice Brentworth, the pretty young brunet, piano player from the other side of the tracks with the beautiful face and soft brown might be just the one to settle his restless son down, but once again, it was not too be.
His son, Danny had planed to set the date that very evening, when she confessed that was cheating on him with the Simstown star quarterback. The young couple had a huge fight  that dragged out until midnight, when first the young lady and then Dan stormed out of his parents summer cottage on Chippaque lake.
Even Danny’s Father had noticed how the young man’s girl, who had once seemed so open and friendly to Dan’s parents, appeared particularly cold and distant of late, as it appeared she blamed them for the couple’s problems.  Her own parent’s had warned Danny’s mother not to expect much out of her. Unlike Danny, who still thought the sun and moon revolved around her, Danny’s mother worried that the little tramp was only after the family money and she had been trying to convince the young man to dump Alice for several weeks.
“That’s it, we are done, I’ve had enough, Now wait up, at least let me give you a ride home “ Danny screamed, limping out of the house on his one good leg after her.
She sprinted towards the boat dock at the lake. With his bad left leg, he couldn’t keep up with her and he was forced to sit down on a log and catch his breath. By the time, he reached the boat launch, she was nowhere to be seen.
It was to be the last he ever saw her alive.   The next day the girl’s body, her face distorted into a grotesque scream appeared with dark green moss filling her mouth below disheveled brown hair, as the body was pulled out of the lake ten hours later.
Dan’s parents called the local police, who raced out to the lake and conducted a thorough search of the area around the lake. Then one of the investigators noticed a small red stain on the edge of the boat dock.  He, called in the State investigative team, who arrived an hour later. They determined that the spot was blood. They then dragged the lake for several hours and found the girl’s body which was partially pinned under a log with some bulrushes twisted around her.   There was no immediate signs of violence or sexual trauma   The team then examined the pretty, young teenager’s skull and discovered it had been fractured. Then the investigators found the girl’s blood on the edge of the boat dock nearby, so to those first responders, at least initially it appeared to be an accident. The local police thought she had fallen and stuck her head and drowned. Case closed. Or was it? As usual in these types of cases, the state called in their chief investigator, Frank Shore to take a second look at the case, just to make sure there was no foul play involved.
Early that same cloudy morning, Detective Frank Shore arrived from the State Capital in his unmarked state police car. Plastic tarps had already been laid out over the spot where the young girl’s body, had been dragged out of the water and one on the blood spot near the edge of the dock.
“What have you gentlemen found thus far?” Said, Mellisa Gordan, local Channel Five newscaster, clutching her microphone and turning to the former Detroit Police Detective, Frank Shore, who stated,
“Not much, we think it’s an accident. The young lady had a fight with her fiancee, ran out of the house, towards the lake and slipped and fell and struck her head. Seems routine to us, Melissa.  Nice to finally meet you.  I guess there is nothing newsworthy about my chasing cows off the public roads, huh?”Said the detective, then turning his attention to the rest of the investigative team he said, “What’s up men?”

“As usual we are waiting on you and the coroner’s report to button this one up.” Said Jim Peters, with the City of Potaskla Police Department, clutching his cup of coffee.


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