The Physician’s Wife, Chapter 2, Sol

One dark night in October, Dr. Harper and his staff were in the Third Street bar, just having a few drinks to celibate his passing the board certification for General Practitioner, meaning that now the good doctor could establish his own practice.  It meant a lot more money.      Most of his staff was there taking advantage of his generosity and attempting to lower their stress level with a few libations, just letting off steam and having a few cocktails.

It had been one of many extremely stressful weeks.  This was a horrific week, especially when due to an unexpected power failure on the coast caused the office computers to became plagued with glitches and unplanned shutdowns that slowed the processing of paperwork in the office to a standstill.     Then the new office clerk had somehow overbooked and of course, there were always more than a few problem patients.

The tall handsome Doctor Harper, though dating, was still single, as he sat with his back to the windows, just flirting with several of his more attractive female nurses, who gathered tightly around him, flirting with him.  It was just a silly game, the girls and the good-looking brilliant doctor played to release stress, to overcome the occasional boredom and just for fun. No one took it seriously.   All the staff women know Dr. Harper was involved with someone. At the office, he often referred to these nurses as “My harem.”  However, they still acted like a bunch of young schoolchildren, rolling their eyes, pretend swooning at him and rubbing his knees and then laughing wildly.  It was all a big game.  They knew he was dating someone. They even liked the young law school student, who he had met at a friend’s birthday party over a month before.    Since they were semi-inebriated, he just laughed it off.

“So Doc. where is your girl tonight? Said Barbra Barnes, one of the more attractive o nurses.

“Oh, don’t worry, she will be joining us shortly.  You don’t think she would leave me alone with you vixens for long do you?  Oh, look here she comes now.”

“So lovely girl, how did the exam go?”

“That is a bad subject…I think I just flunked out of law school.”

“No, surely you are kidding.  You were first in your class, last time I checked.”

“Well, tonight took care of that.  I feel like such a failure. “Said Salome, or Sol as the doctor called her. She was the doctor’s beautiful brilliant but rather moody new girlfriend.   She was tall and very conscious of her height.  She always wore flats around the doctor, who was just slightly shorter than she was.

“Oh, I’m sure you are exaggerating.  You will do fine, “Said Dr. Harper.

“Come out girl, let’s hit the powder room.” said one of the nurses who had just removed her hand from the doctor’s crotch less than ten seconds before.





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