Fear – The ‘Death’ Camp (c) 2015

“Bailiff, Please swear the accused in, “the judge said, looking very stern.
“Mr. Strong, do you admit to attempting to obtain human rabies human anti-rabies immunoglobulin without a license?”
“I admit I’ve been trying to survive rabies.  What would you have me do? And besides, what about the many atrocities committed by FEAR Corporation.  I mean, first there is the constant propaganda, kidnapping our innocent relatives that we never get back and how about feeding us that awful huma and forcing us to submit to FEAR conditioning.
“Mr. Strong, if that is your real name, I am asking the questions today.  Not you? So, Mr. Strong you do admit that you are in fact infected with rabies?  Do you admit to being a member of CURE?”
“I admit to being a member of the human race.”
“Your honor I rest my case.”
“Mr. Strong I hereby sentence you to the Death Camp.”
“May I at least ask exactly what the Death Camp is?”
“It is for hopeless cases like you.”
“And just what is it have I done?”
“You have been searching for prohibited material.”
“And what exactly is ‘prohibited material’?”
“You know perfectly well, human anti-rabies immunoglobulin is a prohibited material and can only be obtained with a license.  Bailiff, schedule this man for a visit from the Hack Hack Man.”
“Who exactly is this ‘Hack-Hack Man?” the accused inquired.
“He is one of the very few people in this world born without a soul. When you look in his eyes, you see no warmth at all, only pure evil and certainly no pity.  When he visits you, you usually hear only two hack, hacks and then you are dead.  I believe his favorite weapon is a wooden club with a spike on the striking end.  They say one never feels a thing and it is usually quite permanent. Best to stay away from the Hack-Hack man.”
Adam tried hard not to show fear, but even he had to admit, this Hack-Hack man scared him half to death.  Gideon shivered all over, then woke up with the taste of vanilla in his throat.  Immediately, he realized he had been dreaming.



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