Five Souls by Mike Lee

On August 5, 2042, Dr. James Heart invented the now famous Soul Collection machine, where you could experience what it felt like to be any famous or not so famous person for two weeks or less and just for the price of a good meal.   His soul exchange device was able to extract a person’s soul from a single cell and temporary implant it into a person’s frontal cortex.   The first couple of animal experiments were less than successful.  It was widely argued that perhaps animals don’t exactly have a soul in the same sense we humans do.
James Botherwright, the clever inventor of this new device was, at that very moment on his way to see his sick aunt on the south side of the floating city of Dealwood, when he saw the carnival signs and heard the  Calliope music in the medicine show.   He stopped by and as he was listening to the carnival barker speak, as he noted the barker place a plastic cup into the trash and then step up onto the small wooden speaking platform before he and his son, who had come to the carnival just for the experience.
“See here father, here is a sample of that outspoken man’s DNA on the edge of this very cup.  Think of the interesting life this man must have had.  Can we try it, father? Can we?  I mean your device should allow us to see what kind of life this man has had.  Not, one to say no to what he considered a reasonable request, James, put the sample of the edge of the plastic cup, from which the barker had sipped a drink into his soul transfer machine, both he and his son, saw the machine begin to whirl at a fantastic speed.  The lights lit up, all green which meant that there was sufficient DNA to begin the process.  A few minutes later, James was that man ten years younger, sanding in his aunt’s parlor and listing to classical music just outside London, England.
“Yes, these poor wayward girls are on the street and urgently need our help.  What can we do to help save them?” said, James’ Aunt Polly.








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