FEAR, Chapter 3, by Mike Lee

Please don’t tell my big brother I am talking to you.  This is just between the two of us. He would be mad at me.  He tells me all the time to keep my big mouth shut, but you seem like a nice person. So, just sit back, relax and get comfortable.  Let’s sit here and share a drink and have a conversation.  Now, who is that going to hurt, really, right?  This is a story that should be told and that’s why I am telling it. It’s nothing important.  It’s just about the possible end of the universe.  Somehow it just spills out of my brain, onto my lips and in your ear. You can keep a secret, right? Please don’t tell Gideon, I told you this, but,
It starts with this guy named, Simon Bullwort, A.K.A. Simon Foxworthy. The strange man who made sure his pictures appeared everywhere on huge TV billboards in Sanatorium. For many years, the Prefect’s origins remained a mystery. Some thought him a former a CIA spy or a member of an organized crime syndicate, but none of those theories was true.


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