Gideon, A Sample Chapter from Fear

Unlike many of the timid shadow creatures, who were all that remained of humanity these days, Gideon Guidry, was not afraid to look a fellow in the eye and tell him exactly how he felt, even if it led to his own death and despite having endured a lifetime of suffering, the young man remained […]

Beta Readers: What they are and why we need them

Sep 24,  2012   Beta Readers: What are they and why we need them I’m asked every week about beta readers. Do authors need them? Why? Are you losing sales by offering your manuscript to others first? Will they change your story? HOLD ON! Slow down, and let’s take a look. Beta readers are readers […]

The End by Mike Lee

On a calm yellow summer’s day When the daffodils are in bloom cold grey stone crosses and quiet voices will tell me I am dead when my yellowed skin kite explodes in soft hallowed ground like a ripe melon and my mind scatters impulses and shallow empty thoughts on green grass hillsides then dreams will be […]

Broken Umbrellas by Mike Lee

as the fire red sun nibbles away the pink ends of the day my last thoughts will be of you   you with your tinny white ankles dipped in a blood rain   you with your broken blue umbrella fighting against the wind like a caged matador under a bulldog sky   you with your […]

Fear, Chapter 1, Insertion

Chapter 1 – Insertion Deep in the dark mind probe, I am afraid of death. In fact, I am terrified of the pain of death most of all. Here on the far side of the Whirlpool Galaxy, the twin red suns of this solar- system pulse and appear ready to explode, as I the rookie […]

Enough, Enough by Mike Lee

because we did not choose death it chose us how the dead die how the lies, lie how the wind howls under a clear Nevada sky how the colors fade to black, black, black twisting us up fireballs and acid pools burning souls of sorrow sorrow skin kites fly away black as death clouds blood […]