First Chapter of A Better Part of Heaven

Chapter 1 A Rude Awakening
For years and years, the huge starship drifted onward towards a new Earth like planet. Past the twelve moon Danto of the Partarian solar system of the Balkloid Empire, past the twin suns of Taldaron, with the Keltar people, past Haldaron, the home planet of the Scalar Beasts, who roamed free in the frigid land of broken lakes. For a half a century, the ship traveled onward.
“Sir we’re about to crash into a moon.” said one of the Tech22 Pilot robots, shaking Bryan awake. I’d suggest you wake the others and spacewalk if you have to in order to restore trim.” Bryan shook all over, frozen from the pink suspension fluid, at first totally confused about what he had heard.
“What did you say?”
“Sorry about awakening you this way Sir, but we have slight emergency.”
This was not at all, what Bryan had expected. The ship appeared to be rotating wildly around its horizontal axis.
“How did this happen?” said Bryan, spitting out the rather disgusting tasting suspension fluid then rushing to put on a spacesuit.
“Meteor shower. Hit the main engine compartment. Lost all power. Please Help Quick! Take a couple of the pulse rockets off one of the shuttles, quick before we crash.”
“How long do we have?”
“Twenty-five minutes by my calculation.”
“Ok, I’m in airlock number five. Open the outer door, please.”
Bryan tried to remain calm as he fastened the first pulse rocket to the outside of the ship. Then he looked at the rapidly approaching moon and began to panic. His breathing came in gasps of stale fifty-year-old air. His pulse rose rapidly, his heart thumping in his chest. Sweat began pouring out of him, as the strange moon got larger and larger in his visor as he hurried with the second pulse rocket. He nearly dropped it. He held on tight to the exoskeleton of the huge starship as he pulled the emergency firing mechanism of the first pulse rocket and luckily, it fired and was not a dud.
“Thank God!, ” he said.
As it fired up, he went carefully hand over hand, pulling himself along the huge ship to the second pulse rocket and pulled its firing mechanism. Immediately the ship began to slow its wild rotation and slowed its approach to the moon. Then Bryan was finally able to breathe. He looked down and saw his worst nightmare. Virtually the entire bottom half of the starship with the Millennium force drives was missing. He knew the colonists and crew were in big trouble. Then, Bryan thought back to New York, his old job, and how this adventure had begun.


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