Crimes of the Heart

even grass left Walt Whitman while wise words escape me falling on deaf ears guilty as charged i dance hard between the raindrops sprinkled with magic dust and star glow old soul twins simile and metaphor pony show politics as false lines dart across a prompter newspaper page rage right and wrong the old soul […]

The River By Mike Lee

The snake river winds slowly through green grass while the moon glows in the darkness my love is soft as a pillow my hands are as rough as old sand then memories steal my secrets and time steals my soul from my body kite the wooden box will swallow me up in soft ground and […]

Public Opinon by Mike Lee

public opinion is just more internet noise leather masks, word whips and promises fish mouth judges squeezing their tounges in the press sharkskin suits lawyer lies telephone crackle media mush cry and criticize melting soul soup songs metaphors and similes in dark dusty closets long library books with wordless pages meanless and mean thick tongue […]

FEAR, Chapter 3, by Mike Lee

Please don’t tell my big brother I am talking to you.  This is just between the two of us. He would be mad at me.  He tells me all the time to keep my big mouth shut, but you seem like a nice person. So, just sit back, relax and get comfortable.  Let’s sit here […]

Conversations With God

death is a green eyed cat asleep on God’s freeway passed out and unpleasant going the wrong way while the world spins out of control junkie drivers just out for a joy ride needle children die in driverless death freeway death and the white house is on fire why is why never when to those […]

FEAR, Chapter X – Part 1 The Awakening

Chapter X The Awakening Part 1 One warm quiet night in August 1971 in Shreveport, Louisianan, as Joshua Jaedrel and his family sat down to supper. Joshua’s father, Samuel, whom his wife often called old porcupine, for his popularity amongst his peers, had a voice as smooth as sandpaper, the everyday sunbathed sweet odor of […]

Five Souls by Mike Lee

On August 5, 2042, Dr. James Heart invented the now famous Soul Collection machine, where you could experience what it felt like to be any famous or not so famous person for two weeks or less and just for the price of a good meal.   His soul exchange device was able to extract a […]