Man Vs. Machine by Mike Lee

On Chancy street, the bus was just arriving.   A man, or at least the Stranger appeared a lot like a man, other than it’s hard plastic face, got off the bus, and was waiting for a second bus.  It was carrying a small red box.  In the box was a human heart. “What’s in the […]

Auto Pilot

On the very day that John Steel lost his supervisor’s job, he sat in his driver less car, drinking a fifth of vodka, angry, drunk and depressed and pushed the small emergency wheel towards the concrete lined median strip, because he was just too depressed to care and because deep down he knew the computer […]

The Strangest Creature by Mike Lee

as I lie on my back and life continues I stare at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel while in the dark holes between the stars silence sleeps like a coiled snake fingers of air curl around the throat of the earth Einstein’s thought poems and the wind whirls around the infinite meanwhile a man […]

Ghosts and Guns

Ghosts and Guns by Mike Lee   On a quiet evening tears and bullets fly in Orlando the city weeps the wind weeps bullets steel metal jackets explode in the news souls falling into moonlight tears and mothers weep death poetry written in blood spilling out hate on tv screens over hallowed ground such a […]

The Physician’s Wife, Chapter 2, Sol

One dark night in October, Dr. Harper and his staff were in the Third Street bar, just having a few drinks to celibate his passing the board certification for General Practitioner, meaning that now the good doctor could establish his own practice.  It meant a lot more money.      Most of his staff was there taking advantage of his generosity and attempting to lower […]

Posion Flowers by Mike Lee Chapter 2

As we drove away from that cold, heartless, formaldehyde smelling prison, my former jailer, long white coat, metallic light on his forehead, and all rubber gloved, Doctor Dumb-Dumb and his nurse stood on the included concrete ramp at the back of the torture chamber, where my life had just almost taken a turn for the worse, and as my fellow suffer from the Parker High Junior […]