FEAR, Chapter 1 – Part 1 The Awakening

Chapter 1 The Awakening Part 1 One warm quiet night in August 1971 in Shreveport, Louisianan, as Joshua Jaedrel and his family sat down to supper. Joshua’s father, Samuel, whom his wife often called old porcupine, for his popularity amongst his peers, had a voice as smooth as sandpaper, the everyday sunbathed sweet odor of […]

Five Souls by Mike Lee

On August 5, 2042, Dr. James Heart invented the now famous Soul Collection machine, where you could experience what it felt like to be any famous or not so famous person for two weeks or less and just for the price of a good meal.   His soul exchange device was able to extract a […]

The Weight of Water

What is the weight of water by Mike Lee what is the weight of water when you have none? dipping my frozen feet in a waterfall wind i fell far into a glass jar pool silence reflected loss and gain waves ripple memories while the weaver wind through frozen lemon trees bleeds cows graze on […]

Fear, Chapter 2, Salvage

Salvage One cold rainy morning, ten years later, in a small corner of what used to be the lake district of the great city of Chicago, Illinois, sitting in darkness, less than a mile off the coast, just past the third street pier, sat an old abandoned rusting freighter, the Lady Dora. She had run […]

Man Vs. Machine by Mike Lee

On Chancy street, the bus was just arriving.   A man, or at least the Stranger appeared a lot like a man, other than it’s hard plastic face, got off the bus, and was waiting for a second bus.  It was carrying a small red box.  In the box was a human heart. “What’s in the […]

Auto Pilot

On the very day that John Steel lost his supervisor’s job, he sat in his driver less car, drinking a fifth of vodka, angry, drunk and depressed and pushed the small emergency wheel towards the concrete lined median strip, because he was just too depressed to care and because deep down he knew the computer […]